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I develop software, something I find endlessly fascinating. Professionally I do a lot of Java, on the side I do a lot of Clojure. You can learn more on the about page.


Real Life Web App Integration Testing (IT) with Spring

I know what you’re thinking: “what constitutes ‘real life’ integration testing (IT)?” In my opinion, “real life” means “complicated web application” or maybe “web app that is stuck to creaky database not entirely under my control” or “web app that uses auditors to enforce security” or, probably most inclusively “web... read more

Bishop: Makes Your Web Service Shiny

A couple of months ago I was working with another developer, he was building a web application around a web service that I had just finished writing. We were going over the API documentation that I put together and he straight-out asked me: “What happens if I send it something... read more

Why Is My Web Service API Crappy?

I knew that I hard written a crappy web service API but why was it so crappy? Was it because, no matter what, it only returned JSON data? Was it because the arguments were passed via their positions in the URL? Was it because the version of the API was... read more

All Your HBase Are Belong to Clojure

I’m sure you’ve heard a variation on this story before… So I have this web crawler and it generates these super-detailed log files, which is great ‘cause then we know what it's doing but it’s also kind of bad ‘cause when someone wants to know why the crawler did this... read more

Java Doesn't Need to Be So Bad

I do a lot of Java coding and I enjoy it. I admit that there is a lot of typing, often a lot of boilerplate and getting even simple tasks done can involve too much work. Most of the tools that try to fix these problems trade one moment saved... read more