Provision Pragmatically and Programmatically with CloudFormation, 2

Posted on 05 Feb 2019

This is the second part in a three part series where we build up a CloudFormation template for what I think of as a pretty typical environment: one virtual private cloud broken into two subnets and including two instances. If you haven't read the first part in the series, I... read more

Provision Pragmatically and Programmatically with CloudFormation

Posted on 25 Jan 2019

How many times have you gazed upon the list of services that Amazon is providing through their Amazon Web Services (AWS) family of products and felt an unpleasant mixture of anxiety and confusion? If you're anything like me, it would be literally every time you visited their website. While I... read more

Linux Is All About Choices

Posted on 10 Jul 2014

Downloading the latest Ubuntu release and installing it on your laptop or in a virtual machine is easy, but maybe it’s too easy. It’s too easy to blindly accept the choices that the distribution has made for us. Maybe it’s also too hard, there’s little room left for us to... read more

Real Life Web App Integration Testing (IT) with Spring

Posted on 30 Mar 2013

I know what you’re thinking: “what constitutes ‘real life’ integration testing (IT)?” In my opinion, “real life” means “complicated web application” or maybe “web app that is stuck to creaky database not entirely under my control” or “web app that uses auditors to enforce security” or, probably most inclusively “web... read more

Bishop: Makes Your Web Service Shiny

Posted on 07 May 2012

A couple of months ago I was working with another developer, he was building a web application around a web service that I had just finished writing. We were going over the API documentation that I put together and he straight-out asked me: “What happens if I send it something... read more