I've long thought I should write more and authoring a blog has always been on my list of things to work on. I've tried several times, these sad, aborted attempts live on like sad, lonely zombies haunting the Google cache. People searching for something obscure like "twitter client emacs" may have stumbled upon on old page and quickly grown disappointed with the old and non-functional code referenced therein.

Still, it's a dream that just won't die. I write sporadically and, often, unsuccessfully.

During the day I spend most of my time in front of Emacs toiling away on Clojure code. While I do get to put some software together from scratch I spend the majority of my time working on mid-size to large custom web applications. By night, after my daughter goes to bed and the Plex's meager supply of programming is exhausted I work on my own pet project, often something amusing only to myself.

About My Day Job

I'm a software developer and I do full stack development for Luminare, a healthcare company that specializes in analyzing and surfacing data. I mostly work with Clojure but also with all of the related bits and piece needed to keep a project working.

Technical Details

For those that find such things interesting, the vast majority of this blog's content is written in Emacs with the help of Org Mode. Once the copy is completed it's exported to HTML and the website itself is constructed by Jekyll and then uploaded to my web-space with the help of Git.